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February 27th, 2013

Spring is coming…start moving again

The wintry days are starting to pass in the Pacific Northwest.  Although people on the East Coast may not see it yet, we are making our way toward spring.

On my way to the office I am starting to notice little plants with buds starting to peek out from branches.

The days are growing longer and there is less chill in the air.

It is time to get out the tennis shoes and start hitting the running trails again.  Running is a great way to burn fat, keep your joints moving and have time for yourself.  There are a number of great sites you can check out if you are new to running, and you should always check with your Naturopathic Physician or M.D. before starting a new exercise program.  But, if you’d like to find a nice running program to start with check this out:

Be safe, run with a friend, watch the weather reports and get your body moving…Spring has Sprung!

December 4th, 2008

Hear about Cancer and Natural Medicine – Dr. G talk 12-9-2008

I will be talking at Central Family Practice on Tuesday night, December 9th, 2008 on FIVE NATURAL TREATMENTS EVERY CANCER PATIENT SHOULD KNOW ABOUT.

If you or a loved one is dealing with cancer…this talk is for you

Where:  Central Family Practice – 801 W. 34th Street #102, Austin, TX  78705

When:  Tuesday, Dec. 9 at 6:30 – 8 p.m.

Who:  Cancer patients and friends/family; Cancer care providers interested in natural therapies

What:  Dr. Galloway, ND will discuss natural treatments and their safe use during cancer treatment.

How:  $10 optional entry fee at door.  You can just come to the event, or if you wish to get more info, please call 512-695-2342.

Natural Treatments can help a cancer patient:

  • improve digestion and absorption of necessary nutrients
  • reduce chemo and radiation side effects and actually improve the cancer killing effect of these standard treatments
  • improve immune function
  • improve quality of life
  • get better sleep
  • reduce chances of cancer growth and metastasis

Also…if you can’t come to this special event, but want the information, please call Jeanne Galloway at 695-2342 and we’ll talk.

Have a great, healthy day!


April 23rd, 2008

Quinoa…Food of the Gods

One of the biggest tips I give people who are looking for good ways to add years to their life and more spring to their step is to try out an ancient grain called “quinoa”. It is from Central America and is pronounced “keen-nwah”.

This grain has been used for centuries by our neighbors in Central and South America, but just in the last 10 years or so has this important source of protein become more prevalent in the marketplace in the United States.

Quinoa is a grain that is unique because, unlike rice or beans, it is consider a complete protein. All the amino acids that are necessary for you to survive are contained within this one little grain. If you just eat rice or just eat beans you do not get the same full protein mix. That is why so many cultures mix rice with beans…by mixing them or serving them together you get a full protein.

Quinoa ranks high in my book of recommendations because it is easy to make, full of nutrients and tastes great. You cook it exactly the same way you cook rice. I make mine in a rice cooker, sometimes I even put 1/2 rice and 1/2 quinoa in the cooker.

Kids love it because it is round with a tiny little band that encircles it…many children call it “eating the rings of Saturn” because the grain, when cooked looks like a miniature version of the planet Saturn!

Most health food stores can show you where they stock quinoa, and even some chain grocery stores are beginning to carry it in their “healthy food” section or in the grain section.

Look for great recipes on line and experiment with this great grain! If you find a good recipe, email it to me.

March 29th, 2008

Website Launch

Today I launch what I hope is a valuable resource to my patients, clients and family members of those I work with. I’m going to be talking a great deal about a concept I am proposing to the health world…”Appropriate Medicine™” The focus of my blog will be cancer prevention, natural looks at oncological support and survivor wellness ideas. I will try to provide a voice of reason in an otherwise “wild west” natural medicine environment.Alternative, complementary, natural, adjunctive…what do those terms mean?We have been stuck for too long in our society looking at “standard” or “M.D.” medical care versus alternative, “Naturopathic” care. Such a dichotomy is not helpful to patients, to practitioners or to our health care system.What I propose is a new term – “Appropriate Medicine”. Let’s talk about what this means. If I am hit by a truck I would prefer that I be taken (quickly) to a hospital where I hope that the ER staff will provide me with the highest level of pharmaceutical and/or surgical care I can receive. A bag of herbs may not be appropriate at that moment. On the other hand…if I am having the beginnings of gall bladder pains, is it appropriate to put me right into a surgical suite and have my gall bladder removed? A gastroenterologist with no training in the ways that natural and alternative medicine can reduce gallbladder concerns would say, “Sure.” I disagree. In this case, the appropriate course of action is to use a “bag of herbs” to reduce gallbladder discomfort and also to look at food intake, digestive ability and other lifestyle measures.  So…America…(and the world)…let’s re-evaluate our thoughts and our words. Natural medicine is no more “Alternative” than Standard medical techniques. All of them are Appropriate Medicine in the right context.