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March 29th, 2008

Today in Cancer News – Appropriate Medicine™ Outlook

Meta-Analysis Shows Increased BMI Linked to Several Types of Cancer. A meta-analysis in Lancet finds a strong link between increased body mass index and cancer risk. Examining some 140 publications comprising data on over 280,000 incident cases, the researchers found strong links between a five-unit increase in BMI and the risk, in men, for esophageal, thyroid, colon, and renal cancers. In women, the strongest associations were with endometrial, gallbladder, esophageal, and renal cancers. Editorialists, praising the study’s strict selection criteria, say the link between BMI and cancer “might be mediated by changes in circulating concentrations of endogenous hormones,” and cite other possibilities. They write that several other questions remain unanswered, including whether weight loss can reduce risks or influence prognosis. Lancet article is here.

Dr. Galloway’s Response to This Article

Although meta-analysis techniques are best at showing trends rather than proving hard science, I agree with this view. It makes sense that what goes into the body and how the body processes it will determine the health of cell populations within the body. Garbage in, Garbage Out — to coin a phrase from the computer industry. Cancer has been shown again and again to be a misfire in the cell cycle. When a cell no longer has the message to die it will continue living and reproducing repeatedly…this is the modus operandi of cancer. Foods that are harmful to the body include processed sugars, red meats, alcohol, high fat foods, saturated fats, deep fried foods. The Standard American Diet that is full of processed foods, red meats and refined grains is turning our population into a land of large, starving, craving people. It is no wonder that the inflammatory, oxidating quality of these foods damages cells and leads to the formation of cancer. Let’s make a point of losing weight, eating well and eating to live, not living to eat. Print out Doctor Galloway’s Shopping List to Prevent Cancer Handout for free. It gives you a great list of foods you need in your shopping cart every week. Call or come see me to talk specifically about how you can have a cancer preventive diet.