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October 11th, 2010

November Emerson Ecologics Supplements Savings

Dr. Galloway – Now Save Money on Supplements

Hello,  I wanted to let you know that as a special promotion I have made arrangements with Emerson Ecologics to offer my patients and their family/friends a 15% discount on all products purchased in November 2010.

If you buy any supplements, why not save money on them?  Plus, it is easy to have them shipped right to your office or home front door.


Similase GFCF – A great digestive enzyme specifically designed to assist with gluten and casein digestion — for those times when you indulge in the ice creams and pizzas!

Price today:  $25.00 for 120 capsules
Price in November:  $21.25 for 120 capsules

ProEPA (Lemon Flavor) – A tremendous source of Essential Fatty Acids for heart health and so much more!

Price today:    $49.95 for 120 gel caps
Price in November:  $42.46 for 120 gel caps

Emerson Ecologics provides you with nearly every supplement you can think of.  You can shop from the full Emerson website ….BUT…you can only get the savings by going through my website.


Step One
Go to and click on About Us.  Then, click on Resources/Shop.  Then, click on the link contained within the first paragraph on that page that says “buy products”.

Step Two
You will be taken to the Emerson Ecologics Sign In page where you can sign up to get a password and to be able to shop at their online store.  To get your discount you will need to enter the password for my practice, which is the word –     austin

Step Three
Shop anytime during November and you will get your discount on the actual item.  Shipping and any taxes that may apply are not discounted.


Note….in the month of November, if you would like to have your current supplements reviewed on the phone with Dr. Galloway, please call 512-423-9813 and we’ll set an appointment for a supplement review – for only $35.

If you have been on your supplement program for more than 6 months, you may need a tune up.

Note:  This is not a return office call.  We won’t be addressing new medical conditions, or providing any treatment protocols.  This is a review of supplements to “fine tune” what you are currently taking for maximum success.  Many patients find that they are actually taking too many supplements.  We may find ways to save you money in the long run.