Spring is coming…start moving again

The wintry days are starting to pass in the Pacific Northwest.  Although people on the East Coast may not see it yet, we are making our way toward spring.

On my way to the office I am starting to notice little plants with buds starting to peek out from branches.

The days are growing longer and there is less chill in the air.

It is time to get out the tennis shoes and start hitting the running trails again.  Running is a great way to burn fat, keep your joints moving and have time for yourself.  There are a number of great sites you can check out if you are new to running, and you should always check with your Naturopathic Physician or M.D. before starting a new exercise program.  But, if you’d like to find a nice running program to start with check this out:



Be safe, run with a friend, watch the weather reports and get your body moving…Spring has Sprung!